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SOS is designed to help you work out transition arrangements around pressing issues such as:


  • Effective communication for logistics, decision making and emergencies

  • Transitional living arrangements

  • Decisions regarding finances, urgent expenses and property

  • For parents, what to tell the children (age-appropriate communication)

  • The children’s care, welfare and routines

  • Managing the transition to living in two homes

  • Review dates for follow up

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The Process


Sydney Dispute Resolution will conduct an intake interview with each party to explain the process and determine if Family Dispute Resolution is appropriate, prior to setting a date for the mediation session.


Any agreements reached will be written up and provided to you at the conclusion of the session, and if appropriate, a follow-up mediation session will be booked within 4 – 6 months.


The second session can be used to work out longer-term arrangements that can form the basis of a Parenting Plan or Consent Order. 



Sydney Dispute Resolution can put you in touch with support services such as family counsellors, child psychologists and community organisations who can offer you emotional support, parenting advice and practical help during this difficult time. We also encourage you to seek independent legal and financial advice prior to family dispute resolution and will be pleased to provide you with appropriate referrals if required.

SOS "Sorting Out Separation" Interim Mediation


At Sydney Dispute Resolution we understand that the first few months after separation can be one of the most stressful and challenging times of your life. You may find it hard to make long-term decisions or to know where to turn for support.


Our dedicated “SOS Interim Mediation” service has been designed for clients who have only recently separated and who may be struggling with issues such as living under the same roof, what to tell the children, immediate financial concerns and conflict with their ex-partner. Our future-focussed approach to Family Dispute Resolution assists clients to work through their differences, consider practical options and reach child focussed agreements that will assist them in the early days until more permanent arrangements can be worked out.

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