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Thriving and surviving after separation: Divorce and Separation Coaching

Separation is one of life’s major transitions. Achieving an emotionally healthy separation and divorce means preserving relationships, feeling confident to tackle what the future brings and co-parenting your children so they have the best chance of a healthy, happy future. But whilst people understand that maintaining a cordial relationship with their former spouse and focussing on the future instead of the past is more likely to work out better in the long term, intense emotions and tough choices mean many people really struggle to stay on track during this most stressful time of their lives.

If you think that you may be too stressed to communicate calmly with your ex partner and to apply the clear thinking that is required to make sound decisions about parenting or property, a confidential one-on-one coaching program may be most appropriate to help you manage this transition, to develop coping strategies and to help you prepare for participation in negotiations, mediation or going to court.


Separation Coaching is a great stepping-stone to Family Dispute Resolution or negotiated settlement and can assist clients with:

  • Coming to terms with the end of a relationship and dealing with intense emotions

  • Maintaining calm, future focussed communication with your ex-spouse

  • Being there for your children

  • Preparing for mediation or meetings with lawyers, financial planners or Child consultants

  • Learning from the past, to develop trust, communication and new relationship skills

  • Building a strong co-parenting relationship

  • Moving forward with hope, optimism and purpose


Coping with the emotional fall-out from divorce.

Separation is one of life’s major stresses and we all have our own way of coping when things seem out of control. A Separation Coach will listen, support you and encourage you to manage these intense emotions so that they don’t interfere with your ability to make wise decisions or to stay strong for the sake of your children. Coaching is not counselling and, whilst we can all learn from our past mistakes, the Coach will gently challenge you to focus on what you want for the future and how you want to get there, rather than staying stuck in the past.


An objective sounding board when you need to make decisions about yourself, your children and your future.

We often hear that people feel lost and confused when dealing with the many crucial decisions that need to be made during separation, at a time when they are least able to think rationally or plan for the long-term. An experienced Coach will help you to review your options, clarify your thinking and ensure you remain on track so that you don’t get stuck in a rut of negative thinking, blame or guilt.

If communication is stressful or you need to have difficult conversations with family members, the Coach will help you to stay calm and prepare what to say, so that you have the best chance of achieving a workable resolution.


Take back control as you plan for your future. It’s important to get good independent legal and financial advice if you are looking to resolve any financial or parenting matters in as timely and cost effective way as possible, so that you can move on with your life. If you already have a great lawyer or financial advisor, you are half way there!


If you are not sure where to turn, your Separation Coach will help you assess the best options to achieve a workable Parenting Plan or financial settlement, whether that be mediation, a Collaborative Law process or a referral to a Family Lawyer or Independent Financial Planner.


Your Coach will help you put together a great team so that you feel fully supported as you make this important transition to a new phase in your life. If required, he or she can help you prepare for each stage in the process and to implement any agreements reached.


Coaching is cost effective, confidential and flexible, as sessions can take place face to face, by phone or by Skype in the privacy of your own home.


For more information about Sydney Dispute Resolution’s Coaching programs, email contact@sydneydisputeresolution or call 0447 183 474.













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