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"I'm worried about our children"


It's normal to worry about what impact your separation is having on your children and how they will adjust to the family’s changing circumstances. Research has shown that children adjust better when their parents can find a way to communicate without conflict and to co-operate about parenting.


The Family Law Act encourages couples to resolve their differences through mediation, as it has been found to be quicker, more cost-effective and far less stressful than going to court. This helps children manage better when it comes to moving on and settling into their new lives.


The Family Law Act also states that parenting is a responsibility to be equally shared between the parents, provided that this does not put children at risk. Shared responsibility means joint decision-making when it comes to important issues relating to the children, but does not necessarily mean that children will spend equal time with both parents.


In Family Dispute Resolution (and in accordance with the Family Law Act) the safety and best interests of the children are the most important consideration in any decisions and agreements reached. The FDR practitioner will ensure the focus stays on your children while you explore the issues and discuss which options may work best for both you and your family. The FDR practitioner can also work with you to devise new strategies to minimise conflict and communicate better in the future.


Child Consultation

Where appropriate arrangements can be made for your child/children to be interviewed by a specialist child consultant. For some children, the opportunity for them to debrief and to share their own thoughts and feelings in a safe and supportive environment can be very helpful. This information is then shared with the parents and can assist them with their decision making.


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