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Professional Associates

At Sydney Dispute Resolution, we understand that clients may require a suite of services to resolve disputes and help navigate the fall-out from separation and divorce. In addition to mediation, clients may need legal and financial advice, counselling and psychological support. Our aim is to establish relationships with practitioners in other fields to facilitate referrals, whilst ensuring clients retain complete control over their decision- making.


We are always happy to meet with professional associates in person or talk on the phone to introduce ourselves and to discuss how our services might complement  the work that you do. For further information, please call Julia on 0447 183 474 or email


Mediators and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners, please click on our link here.


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For Lawyers

How can mediation complement the services we provide in our legal practice?

We have a substantial referral base of lawyers who refer clients to us for mediation in relation to parenting and property, workplace and commercial disputes. In Family law cases, some clients prefer to engage a lawyer for the Property settlement and come to us for mediation regarding Parenting arrangements.  


We are happy to run legally-assisted mediations if clients request legal representation at the joint session. Our mediated agreements can be turned into Parenting Plans, Consent Orders , Binding Financial Agreements or common-law contracts as required. As registered FDR practitioners, we can issue section 60I certificates when FDR is not appropriate, or if the parties are unable to reach agreement in mediation.


We encourage all clients to seek legal advice prior to, during and after mediation and we can arrange legal referrals for those clients who have contacted us directly.


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For Counsellors and Psychologists

I have clients who have recently separated and need to work out arrangements for their children and their finances.

How can you help them?

Counselling services provide valuable support for clients going through separation and divorce, but sometimes people need assistance with the more practical aspects of family separation such as parenting arrangements and finances. Our future-focussed approach to family dispute resolution assists clients to work through their differences, consider practical options and reach agreements that preserve relationships and enable people to move on with their lives.  Our property mediation service has also helped many clients to separate amicably without the need for costly and stressful Court proceedings.


We are committed to educating clients about the importance of building a strong parental alliance and the need to protect children from conflict. Children can also be given a voice in the mediation process through our child consultancy service.


For clients who may not be ready to make longer term decisions about parenting and finances, our SOS interim mediation program can help with transitional arrangements, and provide some stability until more permanent arrangements can be worked out.


If you are a lawyer, financial advisor, counsellor  or psychologist and would like to find out more about our services, please call us on 0447 183 474 or email

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