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Family Dispute Resolution


Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) is a type of mediation that helps people affected by separation and divorce to sort out their family disputes in a safe and supportive environment, without the need to go to Court. Guided by an impartial family mediator, FDR can help you and your ex-partner resolve your differences, sort out your property settlement and make arrangements for your children.


The mediator will work with you and your former partner to:


  • Identify and clarify the issues in dispute

  • Improve communication and build understanding

  • Explore options that are workable 

  • ‘Reality check’ to identify which options are most realistic

  • Reach agreements that include specific actions and behaviours for the future

  • For parents, help you to agree on arrangements that are going to be in the best interests of your children


Whilst not suitable for all family disputes, FDR can help most people reach agreements in one or two sessions. FDR allows people to retain control of decision-making and to modify agreements as your and your children's needs change. For more information about Family Dispute Resolution, please call 0447 183 474 or email 


More information is also provided on the following links: the FDR process, Parenting Plans, Property and Child Inclusive Practice.


"Do I have to attend mediation?"


The best option is for you and your ex-partner to resolve things between yourselves. However, if you're unable to resolve parenting issues, in most cases you must attempt Family Dispute Resolution before you can apply for Parenting orders. If required, our FDR practitioners are authorised to issue certificates under section 60I of the Family Law Act 1975. Unless an exception applies, these certificates are required before you can make an application to the Family court.

"I've only recently separated and don't feel ready to think long-term..."


Our dedicated “SOS Interim Mediation” package has been specially designed for clients who have only recently separated and who may be struggling with issues such as living under the same roof, what to tell the children, immediate financial concerns and conflict with their ex-partner.


For clients who may not be ready to make longer-term decisions about property and parenting, an interim agreement can help with transitional arrangements and provide some stability until more permanent arrangements can be worked out.


To find out more about our SOS program, please click on the link below:




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