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Mediator Sydney, workplace mediation, conflict coaching, sydney workplace conciliation services

Workplace Mediation


Sydney Dispute Resolution provides effective Workplace Mediation services for business. The mediation process used by Sydney Dispute Resolution is ideal for moving beyond the stress, lack of job satisfaction and loss of productivity that results from conflict between colleagues. 


The process begins with individual meetings between our practitioner and the parties to the dispute, as well as management. Following these meetings, our practitioner makes an assessment as to the most suitable process to resolve the dispute. This may include face-to-face mediation, solution-focussed conciliation, multi-party dispute conferencing or writing-based dispute resolution processes. 


The aim of these processes is the clarification and resolution of issues in dispute so that colleagues can get on with working together in a way that is respectful, collaborative and effective. 


For more information on our Workplace Mediation services, please contact Sydney Dispute Resolution on 0447 183 474 or email

Community Consultation and Public-Arena Disputes


Our approach to community consultation and public-arena disputes ensures that all stakeholders are engaged through a process that is solution-focussed, respectful and transparent. The focus of the process is always on maintaining and enhancing ongoing relationships by ensuring that the interests of each stakeholder are explored. 


Through a combination of dispute conferences, telephone mediation, writing-based dispute resolution processes and, where appropriate, public meetings, common interests are identified and clear steps are agreed upon to move beyond dispute. 


Our focus is always to ensure that valuable relationships are preserved while ensuring a practical, constructive and mutually beneficial outcome. 


To find out more about our Community Consultation and Public-Arena Dispute Resolution services please contact us on 0447 183 474 or

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